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est. 2023

If there is any such thing as magic, it is heard, not seen. Music acts as windows for distant memories, reservoirs for deep emotions and conduits for powerful ideas.

The Amp is a brand-new Vanderbilt student-produced publication that aims to capture, distill and amplify the magic of music with the expressive, creative and imaginative spirit of journalism. Critical reviews of the latest albums, comprehensive cultural deep dives and carefully curated recommendations will provide you with vibrant glimpses into the lay of the musical landscape. Through profiles with some of the most talented local creatives and personal anecdotes detailing intimate musical moments, you will be able to peer into the souls and stories behind the songs.

The Vanderbilt undergraduate student contributors behind The Amp are a community of passionate music lovers who strive to provide uncensored, unfiltered, and unprecedented coverage that does the musical medium justice. Whether you’re looking for a platform for your steaming hot musical takes, or hoping to contribute eye-popping graphics to bring our stories to life, there is a place for you at The Amp.

Thank you for hearing us out! I hope you enjoy reading our stories as much as we enjoy making them.

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