Rites Wrapped


Orion Sun: It was Orion Sun’s first time in Nashville, and she came out dressed for us: cowboy hat, Lacoste polo, and boots, just oozing swag. Her enthusiasm was palpable, and I definitely felt the love. She seemed almost surprised to see so many folks in the crowd going absolutely crazy for her and promised to come see us in Nashville again — may we be so lucky. My neurons have been indelibly marked by her silky runs, voice like a queer songbird. The solos by the drummer and guitarist were also fantastic.

Favorite Song: “El Camino.” The melodic rapping on this really track itched my brain. I ascended to heaven when she started singing. Yes, it’s that serious.

She can wife me today.

Smino: Smino had his DJs opening for him for so long, that I was worried he would not show up at all, but I need not have worried. He came out firing on all cylinders. Smino and his team were the best that night at putting the crowd to work: I had my arms up so long my shoulders started to ache. The only way to describe Smino’s performance is that he was absolutely spitting, and occasionally, singing his heart out. Perhaps unfairly, I was not expecting his voice to sound so good live, but the man’s a sleeper crooner. 

Favorite Song: “Matinee.” It really had it all: a catchy hook, cheeky bars (“I don’t stress her, I just stretch her”), and a golden opportunity for crowd work with the “aw yeah!” adlib. Smino gets bonus points for inserting Nashville into the city shoutout outro (and an A+ for the original lyrics’ shout out my hometown, Dallas).

Amelia Day: She absolutely rocks. I’m so glad she was on stage representing Vanderbilt and holding her own among more established artists. Finals notwithstanding, I wish more people had been at Rites at 5 p.m. to witness her and the band’s incredible talent. Day had such intentional control of her wide vocal range; she played it with the same intensity as her shredding bassist and guitarists. Sunny and exuberant, she lived up to her name.

Favorite Song: “Silhouette.” She introduced this song as having a jazzier vibe, and it delivered. Day’s voice had the sultry edge to pull it off and then some.

The Oreo Popsicle I got from a food truck: shout out Rolled 4 Ever Ice Cream.


Savvy’s DJ Set: He has impeccable taste. I think the transitions were a little dodgy here and there, but overall, I had no qualms swaying and vibing to the beats he was putting down. I respect his ability to compel everyone to get up and dance, but I’m still a bit salty that he skipped through some songs even after telling us to sing along. 

Young Nudy: Nudy brought energy and passion to the stage. He and his DJs crafted veritable ass-shaking music, and for a college show, what more could you want? Nudy had me partially converted by the end of his set, however, I still firmly believe he did not match the raw soul of Orion Sun, or the clever artistry of Smino. Call me a snob, but as I lamented to Editor-in-Chief, Will Yuk, it sucked ending the show with the weakest performer.

Favorite Song: “Kid Cudi / Pissy Pamper.” This instantly recognizable though officially unreleased song is extremely hype. The incomprehensible Playboi Carti vocals and infectious Pi’erre Bourne beat makes it a classic that had the crowd moving.


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Graphic By: Phie Mihm, inspired by Spotify Wrapped 2023

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